Summerland Christian College is working closely with NESA to ensure continuity of learning for our senior students.

Please be aware that NESA have announced that the HSC is going ahead in 2020.

To support our Senior students in this season the College has commenced Zoom video conferencing and we encourage all students to connect with their classroom teacher around any specific subject concerns.

NESA has given the following advice to current senior students:

  • Keep learning, do your assessments, make progress on your major projects.
  • Look after yourself, whether you are at school or at home. 
  • Reach out to family, friends and your teachers if you need to.
  • Go to UAC COVID-19 updates for information about entering university in 2021.


We are aware that some Preliminary and HSC assessment tasks may need to be adjusted under the present circumstances, where the task is not achievable from home or through an online platform. Where this is the case, the teachers will work in collaboration with The Principal and NESA to develop a substitution task for students to complete. The Summerland Christian College HSC assessment policy will continue to be implemented and illness/misadventure processes should be followed, where applicable.  

Where a change to an assessment program is required, or a substitute task is necessary, the school will provide adequate written notice to students via email and will ensure that students are aware of the details surrounding illness/misadventure.

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