Summerland News

'The Summerland Bush Dance' was an amazing success with around 700 people attending!

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STEM is a program within the school that identifies gifted students and extends their education to include project-based lessons that explore scientific and engineering principles.

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As part of our History and Geography unit, Year 3 has been learning about the different types of farms in the Northern Rivers and how our food is processed from the ‘Paddock to our Plates’.

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Recently, as part of our circle geometry studies, Gen8 Math students stretched their brains by competing in a “Pi” competition.

Read more: Gen 8 have Pi... and eat it too!

Trindy loves their creative craft times!

Read more: Trindy's Spider Hats

News just in, Year 10 student Jonas Clark was selected in the NSW Combined Independent Schools Open Boys Hockey team! 

Read more: Jonas Clark selected for NSW CIS Hockey

The Bill Turner Trophy is a school soccer competition for girls aged 15 and under.

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Our annual school Cross Country Carnivals were held on 27th April (Primary) and 1st May (Secondary).

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“On Tuesday 4th April, eleven of our Year 7 Girls attended their 'Beautiful' Graduation at the Summerland House Farm.

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The Bill Turner Cup is one of the world’s largest team sport competitions.

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It is with a huge amount of excitement and pride that we introduce to you one of new Secondary staff members, Miss Serena Gallagher.

Read more: Meet Miss Gallagher!

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