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SCC onlineclassroom

Infants and Primary (K-6)

Online Learning 

Due to the diverse developmental needs of students from K to 6, we have individualised our alternate educational delivery from class to class.  What will remain the same amongst each class, is that your child’s teacher will be in contact with you everyday via email with a list of the day's activities for your children, along with a positive message to start each day.

All tasks are designed to be family friendly, taking up limited digital time and catering to families that might be sharing devices amongst multiple children. Our aim is to try to provide families with just the right mix of communication from their teacher, learning activities and extra fun things the whole family can do at home.

We are particularly keen to hear from you if your child is struggling with their work or feeling a little down. Our Pastoral Care Team will be available during this season as sometimes a friendly call is all that is needed to brighten your child’s day.  Our Learning Support Team are arranging for individual learning sessions to be completed online.

An example of what your daily email might look like:

Daily email example


Secondary (7 - 12)

Online Learning

We are pleased to inform you that any secondary student who is learning from home can do so through one, easy-to-navigate, online platform.

Lessons for each subject area will be made available in the online platform: Hapara. You can access Hapara directly through the following link: https://mystudentdashboard.com/#/workspace

Students can use their Summerland login details to access the platform. Each student can work through these lessons at their own pace or can use the Learning Sessions Timetable provided by your child’s homeroom teacher to follow from home. These lessons will be updated weekly to allow our students at home to remain on track with their learning.

Our teachers will be ready and available to support your child in their new learning environment. We encourage every student to fully engage with the interactive tasks and to maintain regular contact with their classroom teacher. Our teachers are equipped to create learning that will be just right for your child and they are eager to see your child experience success in this alternate education delivery.

How to use Hapara:

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