Dear Summerland Community,

Thank you for your recent feedback indicating your family’s preference for the progressive return to school. 

This valuable information has helped our staff prepare a safe and happy educational environment for those of our students returning to the College this week.  The data collected suggested that 90% of families would return to the blended learning model in the classroom from this week, either part-time or full-time.

With this information in mind, the College will begin Stage 2 of the progressive return to school from Week 5, Monday 25th May.

  1. All HSC students are expected to commence full-time face-to-face classes. 
  2. Trindy students may return to full-time face-to-face classes on their pre-existing allocated days.
  3. All Primary and Secondary students may return to face-to-face classes for a minimum of any 2 days per week.

The College's decisions regarding the return to face-to-face learning are based on the advice laid out by the Department of Health, with the safety of our community remaining our highest priority.  In the event that the current advice changes, we will adapt accordingly.

We are aware that some families are choosing to remain isolated during this time. The College will continue to partner with these families, providing alternative education delivery to support each of our students' learning journeys in this season. 

As outlined previously, decisions regarding your child’s return to school will remain at your discretion, with these options available to you:

  • Families may choose to send their child/ren to school full-time.
  • Families may choose to send their child/ren to school part-time, either two or more days of your preference.
  • Families may choose to remain completely isolated and continue learning through the alternate learning delivery. 

Looking ahead, providing advice laid out by authorities does not change, the College will begin Stage 3 of the progressive return to school from Week 7, Tuesday 9th June, at which time all students will commence full-time face-to-face classes.

After this date, students who fall into the vulnerable persons category may need to remain isolated and continue to learn from home. In this case, please know that the College completely supports your decision, but will require that a parent/guardian contacts the school and supplies either a medical certificate or suitable justification as to why they are in the vulnerable category.

Thank you for working with the College in these uncertain times and respecting each of our families as they make decisions that best suit their needs during this season.

Yours faithfully,

David Roach


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