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Our amazing Learning Assistants Mrs Brooks & Miss Duffy explain why they love Trindy and why transistioning to Kindy is so important for your child.

Read more: Meet Trindy's Mrs Brooks & Miss Duffy

Meet the incredible women who will help shape your childrens’ first years of formal learning.

Read more: The 2017 Trindy/Kindy Team!

Abby Nossiter plays Maria in our Sound of Music production. She loves that her character is clumsy like her, playful and young in spirit.

Read more: Abbey Nossiter is Maria!

Check out our latest ‘Summerland Super Actions’ video, you may recognise some familiar faces! Positive Behaviour for Learning is the latest initiative at Summerland that specifically targets student’s actions.

Read more: Summerland Actions 'Honour' Video

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) is the latest initiative at our college!

Read more: Innovate with STEM!

Our past HSC student Natasha, is currently studying at SCU and has just been awarded the SCU Vice Chancellors Scholarship!

Read more: SCU Vice Chancellors Scholarship

Chloe is currently a year 12 student at our college and went with our school team for a missions trip to Uganda at the end of last year.

Read more: Chloe's Uganda story

Anna Sayers received the top SCU headstart award.

Read more: Great Stories from 2015

A lot of you would have already heard about our Positive Behaviour Program called ‘Summerland Super Actions’ (Primary) and ‘Summerland Actions’ (Secondary). We launched these programs at our Meet the Teacher night 3 weeks ago.

Read more: Summerland Super Actions Video

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