Our Trindy Teacher, Mrs Gray, explains why she loves teaching young children, why our 'Trindy' (transition to Kindy) program is so important and includes a profile on her career and teaching approach.

‘There is a certain joy and pleasure you get from teaching children at the Trindy stage, their smiles and emotions have no boundaries. It is like God’s love for his people…. endless and plenty to share! Teaching is such a privilege, and especially at Summerland where we are able to help children learn all about God and loving one another. The children are so eager to learn and we want the children to start their journey on a positive note. Trindy is all about creating a safe and secure place where the children can develop and grow in confidence in their own way, therefore creating a great foundation to the start of their school journey. Love my job!!’ 

Teacher Profile

Name: Mrs Gray
Title: Trindy (Transition to Kindy) Teacher

Career background: I studied to be a primary teacher and then had an opportunity to teach preschool in Queensland. I loved working with the preschool age group so much I studied early childhood education and continued to work in early childhood settings for over 10 years, ranging from babies to preschool.

My teaching approach/style: As soon as a child walks in the room they should feel as though they matter and they are important. I believe teaching should come from the heart and should be child focused. We use play based learning in Trindy, and create an environment where they can build up relationships and self confidence.

I love: The sense of connectedness at Summerland. That teachers will go out of their way to ensure a child is able to reach their full potential. They have genuine concern and love for each of their students. (I say this as a teacher and as a parent within the school).

For fun.. Teacher inspiration: My own preschool teacher from when I was a kid! She made me feel important just as I am and encouraged me in the things that I loved to do at that age. It helped me find confidence in myself and I wanted to do the same for the young children I teach.

Click here for more info on our Trindy program and information on our upcoming Trindy/Kindy Info night.

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