The College is excited to announce that from tomorrow, Thursday 3rd December our new Secondary build parking will be open, along with the 6 bay drop-off and pick-up zone. 

Morning Procedure

K - 12

Drop off procedures in the morning will remain the same with the Student Drop Zone located at the Front Office still open and the angled car parking in front of the top oval also available for parent/carer parking. In addition our new 6 bay Drop Zone located at the new Secondary build is now open, along with onsite parking spaces. 

Please note: The 6 bay Drop Zone located at the Secondary build will be unsupervised in the morning. 


All Trindy students will continue to be dropped at the front gate outside the top oval, where they will be met by our staff and guided to the Trindy classroom.


Afternoon Procedure

Bus Bay

All students who catch buses will continue to do so from the designated Bus Zone outside the Front Office.


Student Pickup 

  1. The new 6 bay Drop Zone will now be the designated pick up area in the afternoon. Students will no longer wait out the front of the Grace Centre or at the top oval to be collected. Parents/carers are advised to stay in their vehicle when picking up their children from the new pick up zone as staff on duty will locate your children and direct them to the car. Students will enter vehicles from the curb side of the road only.
  2. All angled parking outside the top oval will be available for parents/carers along with additional parking spaces located outside the new Secondary build. From here parents/carers can walk to collect their child/ren from the designated pick up zone located at the new build. 
  3. From 3:20pm all students awaiting pickup will be relocated to the front of the canteen from which time parents/carers will pick up their child/ren from the front gate, outside the top oval. 


We also want to remind parents/carers that parking along the eastern side of Pineapple Rd is not permitted as we cannot have any students crossing the road. This zone is now a dedicated staff parking area. 

Thank you for your continued support as we have navigated the parking changes throughout the year. We trust that this new process will continue to ease traffic flow along Pineapple Rd, and keep our entire community safe during peak drop off and pick up times. 


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