“On Tuesday 4th April, eleven of our Year 7 Girls attended their 'Beautiful' Graduation at the Summerland House Farm.

They enjoyed an awesome lunch together with their team of ladies, led by Sue Malcolm. Also, in attendance was Pastor Joy Stiles, whose vision 6 years ago, began this wonderful program. THANK YOU 💐 Our amazing Mayor, Isaac Smith, took time out of his very busy schedule to pop in and present the girls with their certificates. It was a great day of celebration.” Joan McKee, SCC School Counsellor.

See below, 28th March, 'Beautiful Too' Graduation for Year 8 Girls (Advanced Program). 

BEAUTIFUL - a program for high school girls.

So what is it all about
An initiative of the Combined Churches of Lismore, 'Beautiful' is an 8-week course for girls aged 13-16. It is a practical, equipping and value forming course based on the belief that each girl is created with purpose, being uniquely precious and beautiful. In conjunction with local high schools the program endeavours to equip the girls to:
* Realise their value and beauty - * Make good decisions - * Dare to dream - * Learn practical life skills - * See a positive future and move confidently toward it

‘Beautiful’ comes alongside your high school age daughters to build life-equipping values and principles. It is carefully structured to bring affirmation to each girl of their precious value. Our mission is that they graduate knowing they have an exciting purpose and future.

‘Beautiful’ is designed for you - to affirm you as a young woman of great value. It will highlight the impact your decisions have on your destiny and you will graduate knowing that no matter who you are or what circumstances surround you – You Are BEAUTIFUL!

Volunteers are always needed, the Beautiful program goes into many schools click here if you are interested!


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