Secondary at Summerland

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Pathway to Secondary.

Our GEN.E.SIS program has been developed to ensure a secure and successful move into secondary schooling.

We believe in providing a supportive pathway into high school allowing us the opportunity to build on the primary school foundation while nurturing each child through the new and exciting changes ahead.

Why it works:

- Your child's high school transition begins in Year 5, bringing subject-specific teachers into their Primary School education.

- Students are assigned a home-room teacher who assists both parents and students on this journey.

- A supportive transition passage into high school allows for pastoral care opportunities.

- A dedicated learning space builds security and provides a safe environment to complement their learning


Achieving Success.

Our Secondary School has a proud record of high academic results, consistently achieving in the highest bands in multiple HSC subjects.

With specialised learning spaces and a variety of diverse opportunities on offer, your child will receive a well-rounded education that caters for many gifts and abilities.

We nurture a strong Christian environment that allows your adolescent to thrive. Positive peer-to-peer influences and Christian values and attitudes are on display throughout our secondary school, bolstering your child's personal growth. 


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Senior School.

With highly experienced HSC teachers, our Senior School can support your child through their final years. A focused HSC system allows students and parents to customise their senior experience.

We at Summerland aim to embed in our students the skills and attitudes required by future employers, and prepare them for their chosen career path by helping them develop maturity and responsibility and a valuable work ethic.

Why it works:

This system has seen immense success at our school as it:

- Reduces the pressure and intensity typical of the traditional HSC stretch

- Gives greater scope for students to arrange their own subject selections

- Equips students for further study, developing skills that set them up for their future


Personalised Education.

"Summerland brought out the best in me academically, helping me to acheive an ATAR of 95.1, whilst also nurturing me creatively. I currently work in my field of choice as a print designer for a well known Australian label and Summerland provided such a great foundation for my pursuits."

Sharina Dymock

Graduate, Australian Fashion Designer.


Christian Environment.

The most important part of our College is its Christian Environment.

Summerland is unique in that the majority of it’s secondary students are active Christians. It is one of the things that helps make our school different. That’s why our PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) program has the message “it’s who we are”. Christian teachers and students are able to work together, help each other and encourage each other. Christian parents see the College helping their children to grow in God, as well as achieve their best. Students regularly encourage each other in their walk with the Lord, providing each other with the fellowship and strength to live as Christians, peer-to-peer. Student groups, such as 'God’s Girls' and 'Sons of Thunder', help maintain this.

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