Hello Summerland Community,

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation as we work together to provide a safe school environment for our students, families and staff. 

As a school, we are continuing to monitor the latest developments around COVID-19 and advice from National and State health and education authorities.

Due to updated Covid 19 requirements laid out by the NSW Department of Health, parents and carers will no longer be able to enter the College grounds.

More information about the updated Covid-19 recommendations can be found here.

Revised drop off and pickup procedures for students not travelling by bus:


Morning drop off:

If you are dropping your child/ren in the morning, please say goodbye at the gate or the allocated parent drop zone area and follow social distancing guidelines around other adults.

If for any reason your child arrives late, they will need to sign in at the Front Office, and you may either email the Front Office or use the parent portal to register their late attendance. 


Afternoon pick-up:

Option 1. You may choose to collect your child/ren from outside the Grace Centre.

Option 2. You may choose to collect your child/ren from the grassed area on the top oval at the front of the College. 


If you are picking up in the afternoon, please pre-arrange for your child/ren to meet you at the pick up location that best suits your family. Please let your child’s classroom teacher know which location you prefer, so they can direct your child on where to go if needs be. 

Please note: After 3:15pm, students may only be collected from the grassed area on the top oval at the front of the College.


Please be aware that all children must be supervised by parents and carers when outside of the school gate. We ask that parents continue to social distance and not congregate, as outlined by the Government, during drop off and pick up times.

Trindy drop off and pick up:

Trindy students may be dropped from 8:15am, where Mrs Brooks or Mrs Gray will meet your child at the gate located near the grassed area on the top oval. Siblings are welcome to walk their brother or sister directly to the Trindy classroom where they will be signed in.

Trindy pickup will be located at the front of the Grace Centre between 3pm and 3:15pm.


What to do when entering the school for essential reasons:

If you need to enter the school for essential reasons, please enter through the Front Office, where you will be required to sign in. Here our office staff can triage your needs and provide the appropriate solution.

We ask that parents remain in keeping with the social distance requirements outlined by the Government when entering the Front Office.

At this time we ask that, where possible, parents and carers communicate through email and telephone.

What to do if my child is sick or displaying any symptoms associated with COVID-19:

Current advice laid out by the NSW Department of Health states that any student who displays any flu-like symptoms or even mild COVID-19 symptoms must not attend school. 

Students must not return to school until they return a negative COVID-19 test result and are symptom free. 

The College is required to sight the negative COVID-19 test results prior to allowing students to return on site. These results can be emailed to your child’s classroom or home room teacher or presented in person at the Front Office. 

You can read more about this here.

As a College we continue to pray for the health and safety of our entire community and understand that this has been an ongoing transitional time for all of our students and families. If your family requires any extra support during this season, please reach out through the support tab located on our website. 


Yours faithfully,

David Roach 


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