Introducing Miss Winter, our new Year 3 teacher for 2019!

Miss Winter is actually a past student and we are so lucky to get her back to teach here at Summerland! 

"I love seeing students engaged and having fun in the classroom. Learning is such an adventure and to see students tackling new challenges in their learning and growing in confidence is pretty special. It’s really exciting to be a part of a child’s learning journey and be able to look back and see their growth and development throughout the year." - Miss Winter

We invite you to read her staff profile below, outlining her teaching appoach and career.


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Name: Charmaine Winter

Title: Year 3 Teacher

Career background: I started my teaching career in the local area before moving to Sydney as a targeted graduate to teach in a small public school. For the past six years I have gained valuable experience teaching students from non-English speaking backgrounds, first as a classroom teacher and then as a learning support teacher.

My teaching approach: Underpinning my teaching belief is the idea that each and every child has the potential and capacity to learn and experience success in their school journey. In my classroom I aim to speak love, value and encouragement into each of my students. I am passionate about making learning FUN and endeavouring to model to my students a joy for learning.

I love: I love that Summerland is a school shaped by a God given vision. It is a school passionate about providing a loving and caring Christ centred environment for students, whilst also striving to achieve excellence in education.

For fun... fave quote: ‘Trees grow where they’re planted; people grow where they’re loved and accepted.’ Bob Goff







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