As a Christian College, we are committed to providing a supportive Christian environment whilst seeking to pursue academic excellence and pathways for each student, giving them ‘a hope & a future’.

Our 5 core values represent the heart and desire of our College.


1. Christ Centred.

Here at Summerland, we believe students thrive best in a supportive Christian environment. That’s why we strive to create a caring and faith inspiring setting built on God’s love. We provide a supportive Christian environment. COL 2:2-3

2. Academic Achievement.

Here at Summerland, we are committed to helping our students achieve outstanding academic results. Our dedicated teachers pursue excellence through innovative approaches to learning and by helping our students achieve their best. We have proven academic success. ISAIAH 40:31

3. Personalised Education.

Here at Summerland, we believe God has created every student with a unique set of gifts and distinctive potential. That's why we are committed to providing unique pathways for each individual, enriching their development whilst adding academic value to their lives. We seek God’s wisdom beyond the earthly in our teaching approach. We value the individual. EPH 2:10

4. Partnering with Parents.

Here at Summerland, we believe that students excel when parents and teachers combine for a tailored and supportive approach to their education. That’s why we facilitate and encourage parental insights and participation in each child’s learning and academic progress. We encourage partnership with each family. PROV 22:6

5. The Living Word.

Here at Summerland, we stand on the Word of God and its scriptures as foundational and life transforming. We believe that the Bible is God breathed and our handbook for wise choices and joyful living. We acknowledge our dependence on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to live as God intended. We are Bible based. JOSH 1:8

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