Trindy: Transition to Kindy
A Positive Start to School

Transition to Kindy (or Trindy) provides students and parents with a curriculum-based program taught from a Christian perspective. Early literacy and numeracy skills are explored through a variety of stimulating play-based learning activities.

Trindy prepares your child for the routines of school and provides a stress-free progression into regular schooling. This program helps to develop your child’s love of learning and is a key component for school readiness.

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Play-Based Learning
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Meet the team

We have a fantastic Trindy and Kindy team. Along with a fully qualified teacher we provide a full-time educational support person creating a great teacher-student ratio.

Click here to learn more about our fabulous Trindy teacher, Mrs Gray.


Interested in Trindy?

Children must be turning or have turned 4 years by the 31st of March that year and be fully enrolled as Summerland Christian College students.


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