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Summerland offers students a supportive Christian environment, whilst pursuing academic excellence and unique pathways for each individual.

Within this nurturing environment, our students are motivated to engage in their individual learning and personal development. 

We know every child is unique and their education will never be ‘one size fits all’. Our staff take into account the individual interests and abilities of each student, providing personalised education, within a purpose built and structured environment.

Our students grow in confidence during their time at Summerland, building skills in critical thinking and problem- solving. Our hands on approach to education ensures resilient, agile thinkers, setting each student up to thrive in their future pathways.

It is our hope that students look positively toward their future, knowing who they are, their strengths and giftings, and the countless possibilities available to them.


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The Learning Journey.


We believe that partnering with our students and parents on their learning journey intrinsically motivates each individual to engage and grow with learning.  

We track student growth, and apply a personalised, positive learning framework to ensure each child is achieving their best.

Students are encouraged to set goals and work in a direction that encourages their passions and challenges their thinking.



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Student Experience.


We work towards building collaborative relationships with each student and their support networks. Discovering personal interests and encouraging their passions ensures a sense of belonging, giving students a valued voice in their whole school experience.

Creating a student community and position school culture is central to how we tailor extra-curricular initiatives, aiming for a breadth of student interest and focus groups to take place alongside their education. 


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Christ Centred Education


At the heart of our College is a profound passion for Christ centred education. Our students are presented daily with a Christian message of hope and love. We strive to impart a sense of worth and purpose in our students as they navigate life and their own personal faith journey. All of our staff at Summerland are committed to the Chrisitian faith and are actively involved in churches from different denominations.


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Purpose-built for Creativity and Collaboration

Our brand new learning facilities provide an environment where students can thrive.These flexible learning spaces provide a collaborative and stimulating context for students to grow in confidence, whilst building skills in critical thinking and problem solving through hands-on experiences within our customised learning facilities.


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