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Primary Online Learning

We are pleased to inform you that any primary student who is learning from home can do so through one, easy-to-navigate, online platform.

All students from Trindy to Year 6 will have their online learning tasks housed through the Seesaw Class App.  Parents will be able to get an overview of all their primary children's tasks through the Seesaw Parents and Family App.


The basic structure of each day will be as follows

timetable day 01


All together, these activities should take approximately 1½ hours to complete.  We then encourage families to access our repository of ‘Optional Extras’ if they would like more activities for their children.  Families can choose specific activities for each of their children or activities the whole family can do together.  We would love students to share their work/creations via the Seesaw app.

Please know we are aware that so many families are juggling working from home along with supporting their child’s online learning.  So while we would love students to complete their work regularly we know there will be periods of time where work may not be completed as your family’s well-being takes priority over learning.   If you find yourselves in this situation please let our wellbeing support team know as we would love to support you during these times: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Teachers will email parents weekly with any announcements and an overview of the week, including zoom meeting times.  Teacher’s will also be in touch regularly to ‘check in’ with families to make sure everything is running smoothly.

To learn how to download the ‘Seesaw Parent and Family App’ and interact with your child’s progress please watch this tutorial:


Teachers will be in contact daily through the Seesaw Class App and will also be available via email and video conferencing.

To learn more about how to download ‘Seesaw Class App’ and how to complete activities please watch these tutorials:


As a college we have chosen to utilise a video conferencing tool called Zoom, so families only have to navigate one app.

To learn how to download zoom, answer calls or for more information on keeping your child safe on the platform, please watch these tutorials:

Zoom Tutorials

Parents are encouraged to be aware of your child’s online usage on electronic devices, you can read more advice from the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner here.


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